Boarding education in Kenya’s North Eastern Province

Kenya — North Eastern Province has the lowest rates of education and literacy in the country according to a demographic and health survey completed in 2009. Only 22% of women and 59% of men in the North eastern Province have received any education at all. Only one in five women in North Eastern Province can read compared to 85% at the national level. Still, there have been major strides forward since 2003 when only 7% of women and 29% of men had received any education.

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Yusuf Adow, embracing education

Kenya — Yusuf Adow, a single orphan, transited from a mobile school in Bura district to the Najah boarding primary school in Garissa. At Hajah, learners go to both formal education and Quranic classes at the school, making it a preference for nomadic families. Yusuf came fourth out of forty class 2 learners in an examination assessment.

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Community-led total sanitation in Kenya’s North Eastern Province

Kenya — Bulla Bakari, a village of 12 households, has been declared a open-defecation-free area as all families in the village, in the last four months, installed latrines and handwashing facilities in a community-led total sanitation intervention supported by Unicef through dialogue with the community.

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