Mantswe a Bonono

Description of episodes and credits of contribution to the “Mantswe a Bonono” series broadcast on SABC 2 produced by Free Range Films.

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‘Through my Window: a visual travelogue’ is a personal work-in-progress, started in 1997, and continues today. Seen in the video is a part of that work exhibited at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, South Africa, 2007. Video courtesy of Paula Chowles.

LagosmarketWebLagos, Nigeria, 2007



Eastern Cape Artists

South Africa — A portrait series of four artists living and creating art in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. The artists are Roger Gailey, Ayanda Mji, Patrice Moreti, Cher van Schouwen and Zack Taljaard.

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Rainfall is rare. Scorching heat regularly reaches 50 degrees celsius, even during the coolest part of the year. Land to graze the animals grows scarcer every year as the borders of the desert expand, pushing populations further south. The nomads of Niger live on bare necessities, no room for excess in lifestyle. Taking no more than they need from the land, they depend on its fruits for survival.

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Saykro, Ivory Coast, 2001