Ntsika: The Pillar

“Ntsika: The Pillar tells the story of the education crisis in black schools in South Africa today. It tracks a year in a typical black school – typical except for the fact that a new principal has just arrived – a white woman in her fifties who has resigned as principal from a successful well-resourced school in the suburbs.

In a South Africa still marked by racial distrust she has entered a difficult job and no one is sure if she will be able to stick it out here, never mind if she will be able to help change things for the better. Guiding us through the story filmmaker Johanna Mavhungu relates events at Ntsika to her own education and her hopes for her own children. Ntsika: The Pillar is a recipient of a Puma Creative Catalyst Award.”

This is a trailer for the documentary film “Ntsika: The Pillar” by the Grahamstown Radical Audiovisual Brigade (GRAB). I was commissioned by the collective for the offline edit of the trailer.