Communities engaging in life-saving hygiene practices in Nigeria

(ABOVE) Soap and water is seen during a handwashing demonstration at the primary school in the Odot Uyi community in Odukpani Local Government Area (LGA) in Cross-River State in Nigeria on July 21, 2011. This community is supported in the development of water, sanitation and hygiene practices through funding of the EU and UNICEF.

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Managing water & sanitation facilities together in Nigeria

(Above) Children look over a wall to watch as contractors drill a borehole in Okpowen community in Yakurr Local Government Area (LGA) in Cross-River State in Nigeria on July 18, 2011. The development of water, sanitation and hygiene practices in this LGA are supported by the EU and UNICEF.

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Boarding education in Kenya’s North Eastern Province

Kenya — North Eastern Province has the lowest rates of education and literacy in the country according to a demographic and health survey completed in 2009. Only 22% of women and 59% of men in the North eastern Province have received any education at all. Only one in five women in North Eastern Province can read compared to 85% at the national level. Still, there have been major strides forward since 2003 when only 7% of women and 29% of men had received any education.

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Towards an AIDS-FREE Generation

In 2009, UNICEF commissioned South African photographer Christine Nesbitt to document Zambia’s services to eliminate new HIV infections in infants, as experienced by several women living with HIV and their children. From 2009-2011, Christine followed these women from pregnancy through the first 18 months of their babies’ lives, including their participation in UNICEF-supported prevention of mother-to-child transmission programmes.

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Yusuf Adow, embracing education

Kenya — Yusuf Adow, a single orphan, transited from a mobile school in Bura district to the Najah boarding primary school in Garissa. At Hajah, learners go to both formal education and Quranic classes at the school, making it a preference for nomadic families. Yusuf came fourth out of forty class 2 learners in an examination assessment.

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Community-led total sanitation in Kenya’s North Eastern Province

Kenya — Bulla Bakari, a village of 12 households, has been declared a open-defecation-free area as all families in the village, in the last four months, installed latrines and handwashing facilities in a community-led total sanitation intervention supported by Unicef through dialogue with the community.

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